We created KOMODO Technologies with one goal in mind: we wanted to connect people to things they value most and the people they love and make it affordable to everyone. With that in mind, we created the ultimate monitoring device to help people achieve a worry-free lifestyle.

We started the company in the basement of our home. From the development of the device and software to the sale of our product and vision. We are a father-son duo that is extremely passionate about what we do. Having a family member that has Alzheimer’s, we often worried about their condition and their whereabouts. We wanted to create a wearable device to diminish our worries; a device that would tell us more than just the location of someone.

As we began to develop our business, we realized the potential of our product and how many different uses it had. Komodotec team is a perfect combination of more than 30 years technology knowledge and new generation innovative approach. As a result we brought our Global GPS tracking solution and made it affordable for virtually everyone.

“So many ideas – so little time”. Visit our page again and you will be amazed about our new wearable technology that currently in development. Based on new components that only be available in second half of 2016.