Trademark Notice

Komodo™, Komodo™ (stylized), the Komodo dragon logo are trademarks licensed by Komodo Technologies, Inc. The absence of a product or service name or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of trademark or other intellectual property rights of Komodo Technologies, Inc. or its parent company concerning that name or logo.

Trademark Usage Policy

This Trademark Usage Policy sets forth the proper use of trademarks and logos, (collectively “Trademarks”) of Komodo Technologies, Inc. and its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Komodo”) by our licensees, authorized resellers, and other parties who have obtained Komodo’s consent to use Komodo’s Trademarks on their promotional materials, instructional materials, websites, packaging, labels or elsewhere. This policy helps us protect our valuable trademark rights. If you’re a licensee of any Komodo Trademarks or an authorized reseller of Komodo products and have specific trademark usage guidelines in your agreement with us, please follow those guidelines.

When referencing Komodo Trademarks, always include the proper notation after the name and logo, as noted above. Always use the complete Trademark in all communications. Never abbreviate a Komodo Trademark to create an acronym. When using a Komodo Trademark, never vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens, make two words one, or make one word two. Never make a Komodo Trademark possessive or plural. Do not combine Komodo Trademarks with your or any third-party names or trademarks. Komodo logos may only be used under a separate written license from Komodo. Komodo Trademarks may not be used as part of the product name for any third-party product. Products may be co-branded with a Komodo mark only by written agreement with Komodo. By using a Komodo Trademark, you are acknowledging that Komodo is the owner of all right, title, and interest in the Trademark, that all use of the Komodo Trademark inures to Komodo’s benefit, that you will not interfere with or challenge Komodo’s rights in the Trademark, and that you will not use the Komodo Trademark in a way that violates any law or harms the Komodo brand. No person or entity may reproduce or use (or authorize the reproduction or use of) any Komodo Trademark in any manner other than expressly authorized by Komodo.

Komodo’s Policy Regarding Unsolicited Idea Submissions

Please do not submit to us any unsolicited ideas for products, product improvements, product technologies, product names, advertising strategies, slogans, songs, jingles, etc. (“submissions”) regardless of whether you think they are new or old, good or bad, original or unoriginal. Just don’t send them, in any form, to us or to any of our employees. The reason for this policy is to avoid potential disputes or misunderstandings regarding intellectual property ownership. In the event that you send us a submission, despite this request that you not send us any submissions, then regardless of anything you say, write or record to the contrary regarding your submission, you agree that: (1) your submission and its contents will automatically become the property of Komodo, without any compensation to you; (2) Komodo may use, copy, modify, publish, or redistribute the submission and its contents for any purpose and in any way; (3) there is no obligation for Komodo to review the submission; and (4) there is no obligation for Komodo or any of its employees to keep the submission confidential. In the Community Forum, Komodo has provided a place where community members who are willing to accept these terms can submit ideas.