The Ultimate car tracker. For the extreme car enthusiast, the parents worried about their child driving for the first time, or just for everyday use. This isn’t just for tracking location. You can monitor speed, impact, excessive breaking and acceleration, and set Geozone alerts.

You can set notification to tell you when someone is speeding, if your vehicle is hit, and when the vehicle enters/exits a certain area. Our solution gives you complete control over you vehicle.

Let KOMODO be your own personal roadie. Whether it’s an instrument, luggage, or other valuable belongings, travel worry-free. See how your belongings are being handled. Precise accelerometers inform you if your bags are mishandled or dropped.

Be prepared. If you’re travelling to Chicago and your bags end up in Denver, be the first to find out (even before the airline) and plan accordingly. Efficiency in travel is everything.

Do you constantly worry about your child? weather they got to school safely? Not anymore. See the exact location of your little one in real time. You can also set custom parameters on your map that will notify you if you child leaves a certain area. You will be able to see right away if they are somewhere they are not supposed to be.

“Mans best friend.” Never worry about them going missing again! In the unfortunate event that your dog goes missing, you will now be able to timely locate your best friend before tragedy occurs.

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, our 2G and New 3G solution can locate your pet anywhere it may go. The device is also small enough that you can attach it your existing dog collar.