The Best HRV Monitor on the Market

At KOMODO, we have spent years perfecting the art of wearable technology. The AIO Smart Sleeve is true innovation. Best-in-class heart rate variability tracking, sleep analysis, workout optimization and stress level monitoring. A true All-In-One (AIO) Solution.

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AIO is the King of EKG

We’ve developed a simple and accurate way for you to monitor your ECG / EKG at any time. Unlike other brands, our EKG is real, raw and  unfiltered in any way. When you put on the sleeve and connect the app,  you are seeing REAL EKG

The AIO Smart Sleeve is also the first fitness and health monitor in the world to do EKG-based heart rate variability readings, whereas others use standard optical sensors.

You'll Need to Feel it,
To Believe it.

Unique, one-of-a-kind fabric you won’t find anywhere else. Comfortable, breathable and weighs 85% less than other wearable products. You’ll never wear a fitness band or smart watch again.

Step Into the Future of Fitness

Steps and heart rate alone don’t tell you anything. That’s why we decided to take a 360° approach in improving your fitness and aerobic capacity. The AIO Smart Sleeve has you covered in and out the gym.

Not only can you track BPM, SPO2, fitness intensity, and Max/Min heart rates during your workout, you can track recovery, readiness, stress levels, training efficiency and so much more.

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