It’s no secret that the big medical companies want to keep all of their best innovative tech to themselves, their corporate clients and away from the everyday consumer. The reason is simple; they charge other businesses insane amounts of money for their health solutions. Prices that don’t make sense to the common individual who deserves an affordable way to monitor their health and avoid tragedy. However, there are several companies now that attempting to shake things in the field of portable EKG monitors. Today, we’ll discuss consumer innovations and which one is the best EKG monitor.

The wearable technology devices that we are all familiar with don’t do much in terms of real health monitoring. By that I mean real health vitals that you can act upon. Fitbit is perhaps the most popular. While it does an amazing job as a motivational device and getting people active, it doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of real biomarkers.


It sounds intense, but the truth is that heart rate monitoring by itself does little in terms of diagnosis and giving you an idea of the quality of your health. And when it comes to the low quality of optical (BPM) sensors used by Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, WHOOP, etc., it makes things even worse. There is no question that ECG / EKG is the way to go.


An electrocardiogram is a harmless procedure in which electrodes are attached to specific areas of your body and they capture the electrical signals and activity from your heart. It’s the best tool we have today to assess your heart health, detect heart irregularities and prevent future tragedy. There’s a reason why when you arrive at a hospital, the first thing they do is hook you up to an ECG / EKG. But who’s going to go to the hospital or doctor’s office every other day to check their EKG? Hopefully, no one.


Your heart is the most important thing inside your body. Neurologists might argue that it’s the brain, but we’ll let them duke it out with cardiologists as they have been for centuries. Dating back to when they dueled with swords in the Roman times (just kidding).

A personal EKG monitor allows you to observe the most important part of your body. It gives you a window into your internal health. What a personal EKG monitor can do is give you independence, power and freedom. You will reduce doctor visits; increase the amount of data you have on your health and avoid pain and potential life-threatening heart issues.

By taking an EKG you are able to detect arrhythmia’s, heart abnormalities, check if you have poor blood flow, and check for electrolyte abnormalities. It’s a very useful tool that is now being introduced to millions of homes.


Wearable technology has now made it possible to have an EKG device on your nightstand and even in your pocket. Many Bluetooth EKG devices are now available on the market and come in various forms. With or without Bluetooth, however, the best EKG monitor will likely be using Bluetooth. There’s an EKG Holter monitor, EKG watch, EKG patch and even an EKG smart sleeve.


While Fitbit boasts about their ECG / EKG features, it’s not as good as they have claimed. Fitbit has a long history of inaccurate readings and sneaky maneuvers. In regards to their EKG, they decided to certify it with an FDA (510, K) clearance to improve trust among customers for past mistakes. However, the certification was for their “ECG App” and not the hardware itself.

Kardia is a pioneer in the personal EKG monitor space. Their first Alivecor product has seen great success, and tons of users. It’s small, portable, easy to use and reasonably priced. The have started making other EKG products like their new KardiaMobile card. An EKG monitor build into a credit card-like frame. Very cool.

Wellue is a company with a wide range of products. One of them being an EKG patch. It works by placing two electrodes on your chest and connecting the two points with a bridge type device they have created. Their EKG patch works by saving the data and you can later view it on your desktop 


The AIO Smart Sleeve, invented by KOMODO Technologies, is the world’s first smart compression sleeve. It combines a compression sleeve, an integrated device and a one-of-a-kind health app in order to create an All-In-One (AIO) solution. The AIO Sleeve is absolutely loaded with features and none more important than ECG / EKG.

You you’re thinking about getting an EKG monitor and are weighing your options, we’ll help you out. Here are the top 13 reasons why the AIO Sleeve is the best EKG monitor.


Wearable technology products that we’re accustomed to are flawed by design, and in more ways than one. Of course, we’re talking about the fitness bracelet and smart watch. The design is bad because it’s obtrusive. It gets in the way. When we’re talking about doing exercises, when you have a smart bracelet or expensive smart watch on, wrist movement is limited.

Also, when you put a bracelet or a watch on, you leave a bit of room so you can move your wrist. While that’s fine, it creates an air gap, between the sensors and your wrist. In order to achieve the most accurate readings, these sensors need to be as close to the skin as possible. When you consider the air gap, and the wrist movement, it results in highly inaccurate readings.

With the AIO Smart Sleeve, the compression pushes the sensors close to the skin, it moves the sensors up from your wrist so both problems are solved. Also, Compression is worn by 90% of Western Society. Think about athletic wear, tights, shirts, you name it. It only makes sense to do the same with health tracking devices.


Heart rate variability (HRV) has quickly become the most important biomarker in the world. It’s literally the best thing since sliced bread. HRV gives us better insight into our health than any other tool in the world. It can detect stress levels, tiredness, recovery, inflammation and even food sensitivities. If you want to read how it’s possible, click here.

While there are several HRV monitoring devices out on the market, the AIO Smart Sleeve is unique in its approach. Most products use the same optical sensor they use for BPM to extract HRV data. The AIO Smart Sleeve is the only device that uses EKG to extract HRV.

The reason this is significant is due to accuracy. Typical industry optical sensors operate at 50 samples per second. Sample rate refers to the number of times per second data points are recorded. When it comes to EKG, the minimum sample rate is 350 per second. That’s 7 times higher than BPM sensors.


We say, “It’s Easy as E.K.G.” The AIO Smart Sleeve is very easy to set up, and the app is very smooth. There are two versions of the Smart Sleeve; short and long. For the long version, you place an electrode onto your chest, and attach it to the smart sleeve with a clip. Once connected, hit start, sit back and relax.

For the short version you don’t need electrodes or clips. Simply place your finger on the sleeve where the device is and take your EKG. If you are connected to the internet, once your recording is finished it will automatically be uploaded to our online dashboard. It’s a webpage where you can log in and view what you recorded earlier. You can also view this data in the history tab on the iOS or Android Apps.


remote patient monitoring EKG

To continue on from the prior point, KOMODO Technologies makes remote patient monitoring easier than ever before. Every EKG recording is automatically stored an saved onto the KOMODO platform. You can grant access to your doctor and/or caregiver to be able to look up your EKG charts at any time. This way you can reduce your trips to the doctor and provide him with more medical records than every before. This could help avoid potential tragedy.


If you’re a doctor, athletic coach or someone who needs to keep track of many people’s health at once, the AIO Sleeve is the perfect solution. You can set up hundreds of devices on one desktop account. If you’re a doctor with 150 patients or a coach with 15 athletes, you can monitor each individual’s health stats from the same screen.


The AIO Smart Sleeve is great because its tiny and portable. If you want to carry it with you, it the most lightweight wearable product on the market. It takes up almost no space. An even better idea is to wear it. Unlike other products, like AliveCor, you have to carry it separately and have a spare pocket available. The little things matter when you’re considering the best solution.


Companies like Apple have always made an effort to provide a visually appealing interface. This includes their EKG function. The reason the EKG on the Apple Watch looks so smooth is that they have taken unwanted artifacts out of the picture so that the EKG looks smooth. When they do this, they are getting rid of critical information

In order to properly analyze EKG data accurately, you need an unfiltered QRS cycle. It’s another term for all of the peaks and lows and other pieces of data you find in an EKG. The AIO Smart Sleeve EKG function is raw. The data is untouched. When your recording, that’s a REAL EKG. It makes it easy for your doctor to pinpoint potential issues in the long-run.


EKG monitoring can be expensive, even when it comes to Bluetooth EKG products. Even health products without EKG are fetching large sums of money. Our goal at KOMODO is to provide affordable wearable technology with the best and most accurate features. AIO Sleeve models start at the price  of $100 USD, which is a bargain, considering the multitude of features as well.


If you don’t like the compression sleeve, there are other products available. You can purchase the AIO Device. This is a standalone AIO Device, a connector clip and 2 electrodes. You place two electrodes on your chest, connect them to the AIO Device and you’re ready to go. Out of the three options KOMODO has, this has shown to be the most accurate EKG monitor.


If you’re a health geek like we are, this might be the perfect device for you. You can access raw ECG and HRV data via our health dashboard. If you have other ways, you want present or manipulate the data, have at it! Nothing is hidden and we can grant you’re the access to play around with the numbers yourself. 


We truly believe monthly fees is the worst thing known to man. It only benefits the seller and not the customer. We live for our customers, so we can’t in good faith charge monthly fees. The AIO Sleeve is easy to use and easy on the wallet.


There’s a really cool feature on the AIO Health App that actually shows you your daily stress level. We mentioned heart rate variability (HRV) before. HRV can identify any type of stress response from your autonomic nervous system. There are 2 types of stressors; physical and mental.

When you record HRV on the app, you choose from a list of ‘events’, this includes morning readiness, before work, before and after eating, before bed, etc. These events are sorted into either physical or mental stressors. The artificial intelligence from the app compiles your mental stressors into a stress level. Pretty neat!


Again, if you are a doctor, clinic, sports team, coach, etc., the KOMODO Platform offers a 360° service for any remote health monitoring application. We customize each platform based on your needs. You get the best EKG monitor and the best EKG app and health dashboard.

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  1. How many leads does this device have? Is it a single lead device, two lead, or what?
    What is the longest duration of the recording of EKG which this device allows?
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